About Us

Pike's "The Flower Shop" is a flower shop located in Bayamon. We create beautiful floral bouquets that are prepared for every taste and ocassion. Our florar creations have adorned houses, ofices, weddings, commercial activities and other events. 

Our friendly florists have the knowledge and experience to create bouquetes accoring to your needs. At Pike's we are compromised with providing an exceptional service and we manage your orders with the highest level of care and professionalism. Visit us so you can see for yourself our variety of fresh flowers or call us to place an order. We offer same day delivery.

Our Flowers

It doesn't matter the ocassion or event, flowers are a beautiful way to express your feelings.

With a wide variety of fresh flowers, carefully selected, you can be sure you'll find what you're searching for at PIke's. 

We specialize in:

  • Freshly cut flowers
  • Flowers and plants in pots
  • Flower bouquets for homes and offices
  • Weddings and other events
  • Gift baskets
  • Same day delivery

Call today our expertsto order your flowers today!

Business of 4 generations. The Pike brothers were born, raised and grew around lots of flowers. Their first steps were in Pike's Flower Shio, they would sleep their naps in flower boxes behind the desk while their mother, Eunice Pike, took care of customers while their father, James Otto Pike, created the flower bouquetes. Years passed and Eunice gave classes to flowers in fridges, while James Lehman imitated "El Chavo del 8", took all plushies and put them in a box which was tied and disappeared. After looking for the kids like crazy, they'd appear with a cup with dollars and would say "Look daddy, I sold all plushies". They spent may important dates in the store helping. They were witnesses of what their parents decorated. Definately, service and flowers are their life.

It all started with their great grand parents, Otto Lehman and Mrs. Dorothy, pioneers in Puerto Rico. They established the first flower shop in Puerto Rico in 1938. They also founded the Florists Association of Puerto Rico and the Orquídeas Association. The grandparents, James and Frances Pike, shortly after joined them. They continued the business of the family establishing flower shops in Ceiba, Arecibo, San Juan, Aguadilla, and Bayamon. 

Their parents and uncle, Byron Pike, are also involved in the flower world. Byron and his wife, Kinue, are owners of one of the biggest nurseries in PR. It is also managed by their daughters, Frances and Mary Pike. James Otto establishes his flower shop with his wife in Bayamon, continuing the family's legacy.

This year they celebrate 35 years of service in Bayamon. Today, the flower shop bears the name of Pike's The Flower Shop, LLC and has integrated new services such as: planning and event coordination, decoration, photo station, candy bars, equipment rental, and much more.